I had a requirement from a client to auto submit some business data to a website. Currently there is a fulltime person who just does that with just 300 forms submissions per day. I was looking for different options to submit data to the website. One was to use httpWebRequest and httpWebReponse classes which are available with dotnet framework to submit data over the https. But it seemed too complex a solution for this problem. Anyways I heard that we could do that with scripts as well and started searching on this subject and Walla I found out that Power-Shell could be used for this purpose too. Writing a script would take lot less effort as compared to writing C# code. In matter of minutes I was able to kick off my automated data submission. Which I unsuccessfully wasted on using http web request using C# with all my wiretapping network traffic from the browser. I almost feel embarrassed for going C#’s way because of the natural bias toward itJ. One must choose the right tool for the Job.

Below is the link to a very good MSDN magazine article on this subject


If you want to learn Power-Shell Script more you can download book from following link. I think it is a pirate book site so please don’t blame me if get caught downloading this J