In one of my recent Integration project there was a requirement to create a new version of BAM Definition with few new columns but keeping existing BAM intact without update instead requirement was to create another version of BAM. So I just renamed the BAM views and activities with ‘_V2’ postfix and added new fields and all of this was done through import/export XML of BAM excel add-in. but to my surprise that was not enough and when I tried to deploy it got deployment error that BAM activity with same ID already exists.

So there were two options for me either to do donkey work of changing ID’s manually or write a small tool to do it. Later one seemed a more sensible choice because BAM Definitions were very big with lot of activities.

I am posting this tool here so if anyone has similar issue might find it useful.

It’s a command line tool which accepts following parameters

  1. Give complete path of XML definition file e.g. BAMUpdateGUIDS.exe -d:d:\BAM-A.xml
  2. Give Folder location where all BAM definitions are present e.g. BAMUpdateGUIDS.exe -d:d:\bamfiles

GUID Comparison in Notepad ++

Download File from here. Right click and save as BAMUpdateGUIDS.exe is currently upload as JPEG J