We had faced an interesting issue while using windows 2008 Servers. It does not seem to have windows explorer view to GAC. We used to update dll’s in GAC by simply dragging & dropping files, I don’t know if Microsoft has removed “Assembly” tool but it used to be very simple even if you had 100 dlls. Anyways there is command line way to GAC’ing multiple files.

Following is the code to GAC files on command line.

for /f %f in (‘dir /b *.dll’) do gacutil /if %f


above command is simply a foreach loop on result of command “dir /b *.dll” and this command list all dlls in the current directory and last part of command after “do” statement is “gacutil /if %f” which actually executes gacutil command with ‘i’,’f’ switch to install file in GAC who’s filename is contained within “%f” variable.

That’s it all your files contained within the current directory will go in GAC instantaneously