My Name is “Wajhi Ghumman”

I have three Passions

  1. Vintage Motor Bikes
  2. Adventure
  3. Lots and Lots of Coding, whether it’s Javacript, C#, Ruby, Objective C, Jave, XLang, ASP.NET MVC, Biztalk Orchestration etc I Love them all.

I am currently a solution architect at Xavor. I have been in field of Software Development & Design from Last 8-9 years professionally. I have worked in Web App Development (MVC, JSP, ASP.NET), Windows App Development, Middleware component development, Enterprise Application Integration, Socket Programming, Mobile App Dev (Andriod, IPhone) etc.

I have created my blog to share some of the knowledge that I have gained in the field and I hope to write some useful blogs that would actually makes someone’s work little bit easier.

Wajhi Ghumman